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Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund-Fall 2012-2013 Application

Included below are the applications, cover letters and enclosures for the 2012-2013 SDWSRF Construction (Tier-1) and Planning (Tier-2) funding options.  Please download and review your chosen application and all of its applicable enclosures.  Please be advised that an application and all of its supplemental materials will only be accepted from water systems who received a 2012-2013 Fall invitation to apply and who submitted a complete Statement of Intent (SOI) by the invitation’s specified deadline.

Planning Application (Tier 2) Materials 

Deadline is already over 

Construction Application (Tier 1) Materials - Due July 8, 2013


·    0     Construction Application (Tier 1) Cover Letter   (PDF)   (Word)

·    1c    Application for Construction Funds (Tier 1)    (PDF)   (Word)

·    2c    Application for Guidelines and Instructions    (PDF)   (Word)

·    3c    Engineering Report    (PDF)   (Word)

·    4c    Applicant Checklist    (PDF)   (Word)

·    5     Certification for Water Metering    (PDF)   (Word)

·    6     Map of CDPH Districts    (PDF)  

·    7     Guidelines for Green Infrastructure    (PDF)   (Word)

·    8     Proposition 218 Information    (PDF)  

·    9     Labor Compliance/Davis-Bacon Information    (PDF)   (Word)

·    10c  Technical, Managerial, Financial (TMF) Assessment Forms and Criteria for Community and Non-Community Water Systems    (PDF)   (Word)

·    11c  Sample Resolution for Application    (PDF)   (Word)

·    12c  Sample Resolution for Funding Agreement    (PDF)   (Word)  

·    13    Consolidation Information    (PDF)  

·    14c  Uniform Relocation Act Information   (PDF)


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