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Public Health Advisory Committee

The California Public Health Act of 2006, Chapter 241, Statutes of 2006, (SB 162, Ortiz) established a Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) of 15 members; nine appointed by the Governor, three appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, and three by the Senate Committee on Rules.  The Committee's members represent a broad cross-section of public health stakeholders, including academia, biotechnology, business, community based organizations, emergency services, local government, health departments, medicine, nursing, public health laboratories, social marketing, consumers and other sectors of the public health community such as California-based nonprofit public health organizations and health consumer advocates.  Members serve at the pleasure of their appointing authority and are not compensated. 

The PHAC will provide expert advice and make recommendations to the Director on the development of policies and programs that seek to prevent illness and promote the public’s health. 

The Public Health Advisory Committee is scheduled to sunset June 30, 2011.

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