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Local Public Health Services Program

This California Department of Public Health Program is no longer available.

All counties in California are required by law to provide public health services. Two rural counties each with a population less than 50,000, currently contract with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to develop, implement and carry out a program of public health nursing and environmental health services on their behalf. The Local Public Health Services Program (LPHSP) provides State-employed Environmental Scientists (ESs) and Public Health Nurses (PHNs) who work in and for these two (2) counties. 

These staff are responsible for direct environmental health and public health nursing services for their assigned counties. In addition, these staff are responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and coordinating various mandated environmental and public health programs.

The environmental programs are mandated to local government and receive oversight from various state agencies in areas such as solid waste, small public water systems, underground storage tanks, and hazardous materials.

The public health nursing programs and services are those funded by federal or state allocations or grants supported by specific legislation or regulations, and which are identified by CDPH to be implemented by local jurisdictions.

The LPHSP’s administrative staff provides general administrative support to the program’s approximately twenty one field staff.  Direct supervision of the program’s public health professional staff is provided by Senior Environmental Scientists and the program manager.  
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