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R-16-04 - Perchlorate in Drinking Water

Information and documentation pertaining to this regulatory proposal.

Sections Affected

California Code of Regulations Title: 22
Sections:  64413.1, 64431, 64432, 64432.3, 64432.8, 64447.2, 64450, 64465, and 64481

History of Rulemaking Proceeding 

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Published: September 1, 2006
California Regulatory Notice Register 2006, No. 35-Z
Close of 45-day Public Comment Period:  November 3, 2006
Close of 15-day Public Comment Period:  April 20, 2007
Filed with the Office of Administrative Law:  August 6, 2007
Approved by the Office of Administrative Law:  September 18, 2007
Filed with the Secretary of State:  September 18, 2007 
Effective Date: October 18, 2007

Status of the proposal 

This rulemaking is completed.

Inquiries regarding the substance of the regulations may be directed to:
Name:  Michael McKibben, Standards and Technology Unit, Drinking Water Program
Phone: (619) 525-4023
Email: Michael.McKibben@cdph.ca.gov 

Rulemaking Documentation

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