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eWIC Overview

The California Department of Public Health/Women, Infants and Children Division (CDPH/WIC) are planning to replace WIC paper checks with an electronic card. This method of transaction is called Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). Additionally, CDPH/WIC is planning to replace its Management Information System (MIS) known as ISIS with a USDA approved, EBT-ready MIS system. EBT and MIS replacements will be implemented concurrently. eWIC is the term selected by CDPH/WIC to encompass  both the EBT and the MIS projects.

Five eWIC Planning Teams, comprised of State and local agency staff, have been working on both EBT and MIS projects since 2012. The members of these teams are engaged and contribute their expertise as needed during the planning process. The eWIC Planning Teams and their missions are:

  • Business Processes – Ensure business processes support the new system.
  • Communication – Coordinate communication with all stakeholders.
  • Education & Training – Ensure all WIC stakeholders are trained and education materials are created for competence in using eWIC systems.
  • Policy – Coordinate efforts to modify and implement program policy changes as necessary.
  • Technology – Ensure that stakeholders have the equipment and support they need for a fully operational system 

eWIC News

  •  Two separate Implementation Advanced Planning Documents (IAPDs) were submitted to USDA, one for an EBT system and one for a new MIS. 
  • The MIS project reached a major milestone when the MIS IAPD was approved by USDA on April 22, 2014. More recently, the EBT IAPD received approval from USDA on August 28, 2014.
  • Both projects reached a second major milestone when separate Feasibility Study Reports (FSR) received approval from California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) and the Department of Technology. These are the final approvals required by the State for the MIS and EBT projects.
  • California is on track to meet USDA’s WIC EBT mandated deadline of October 1, 2020. 
  • California is planning to implement a system that will allow families to check account balances, change their card PIN, and report lost or stolen cards at any time necessary.
  • Solano County WIC Program has been chosen to pilot both EBT and MIS concurrently. The agency meets all criteria for selection.

eWIC Timeline

2015    Complete the following draft Request for Proposals (RFP):
                     • EBT Services for Food and Cash programs and WIC Program
                     • MIS Contractor to replace WIC’s current MIS with an EBT-ready MIS
              Review and approval by USDA and CA Dept. of Technology, Statewide Technology Procurement Division
              Formal release of RFP to bidders

2016     EBT and MIS contractors begin design, configuration and testing of new systems

2017     EBT and MIS contractors continue preparing new systems

2018     Solano County WIC Program pilot and pilot evaluation
              Upon completion of successful pilot, statewide rollout begins

2019     Statewide rollout continues, region by region

2020     Completion of statewide rollout by federally mandated date, October 1, 2020


For More Information

During the eWIC planning and implementation stages, updates and further information about eWIC will be posted on our website as it becomes available. Please select a category for more specific information regarding the eWIC project. 

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  • WIC EBT Nationwide – What's happening around the country
  • Grocer Vendors
  • Farmer Vendors
  • WIC Local Agency
  • Questions or Comments

    You may send your questions or comments by email to:  WICEBT@CDPH.ca.gov

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