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WIC Cultural Diversity Staff Training

Working with Diverse Staff and Participants In-service Series

There are three in-service workshops in this series. Each is designed to help staff become more familiar with the concepts of cultural diversity and to build cultural competence.

  • Each in-service can be conducted in one to two hours. The actual time for each workshop will vary, depending on the leader or trainer’s preference, time available for training, and the number of staff attending the workshops. Suggested time frames are included in the agenda and in activities that make up each in-service.
  • The recommended group size for each workshop is 8-15 people to provide the most beneficial learning experience.
  • The in-services build on one another. If using them as stand alones or in a different order, briefly review the preceding in-services and add any information or make adjustments in the activities.
  • You may also combine the in-services into two half-day or one full-day workshop.
  1. Getting to Know You (PDF, 2.19MB)"Opens in a new borwser window"
    This workshop introduces a broad definition of culture and offers staff the chance to share some of their own cultural history and background. It is designed as an introductory exercise to help staff explore feelings and issues around culture in a non-threatening way and to build trust and teamwork.
  2. Why Culture Matters In-service (PDF, 1.7)"Opens in a new borwser window"
    This workshop includes activities for staff to explore how communication at WIC is affected by culture. Staff experience first-hand the fun and challenges of communicating when there is no common language. They also discuss, in small groups, their ideas about how culture can affect interactions with WIC participants and other staff.
  3. Telling Your Story In-service (PDF, 4.74MB)"Opens in a new borwser window"
    This workshop gives each person an opportunity to tell a piece of their own cultural story in an interview activity with pairs. Staff reflect on how their past experiences shape current beliefs and behaviors related to health and WIC services. They examine ways to build on their cultural competent. 



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