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Overview of Learner-Centered Education (LCE)

Over the last ten years, California WIC has been seeking new ways to engage WIC participants in the nutrition education process.  The most promising approach has been learner-centered education (LCE).  LCE, an innovative approach to adult learning, includes all voices and encompasses educational principles and practices (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"required for personalized, engaging learning. 

LCE redefines the traditional, didactic teacher-learner roles.  Unlike traditional didactic learning where the educator decides on the topic, the content, the method of teaching and provides information without necessarily consulting the learner, LCE creates a partnership between the teacher and learner. The roles of designer, educator, and learner (PDF) "Opens a new browser window"are based on mutual respect and an exchange of ideas.  In this capacity, the partners may end up switching roles:  the educator may become the listener and learner, and the learner may become the educator.  Learners in the LCE approach will do at least 50 percent of the talking and doing during any given period.  In group classes, this would include time for the learners to talk with one another, rather than just listening and talking to the educator.



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