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WIC Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Educational Campaigns

The California WIC Program is developing several education campaigns to support our obesity prevention strategies around healthy eating and active living.

Market to Meals is the first campaign being developed. This campaign focuses on home-cooked meals and provides curricula and tools that can help WIC participants build skills for meal planning, smart shopping and meal preparation.

Materials for these lessons are available in English and Spanish and consist of lesson plans, posters, bulletin board display items, and participant handouts (weekly meal planner pads, shopping list pads with magnets, and classroom worksheets).

1. What’s Cooking? It Starts with a Plan and a List: 

Focuses on practicing meal planning and using shopping lists

  • Lesson Plan: (Word, English)"Opens a new browser window"... Spanish
  • Posters:
  • Sample Meal Plan (PDF, English) 11"x15""Opens a new browser window"... 18"x24" | 26"x34" 
  • Sample Meal Plan (PDF, Spanish) 11"x15""Opens a new browser window"..|  18"x24" | 26"x34"
  • Meal Planner Sample (PDF, English, 1.2 MB)"Opens a new browser window"... Spanish (1.2 MB)
  • Shopping List (PDF, English)"Opens a new browser window"... Spanish
  • Bulletin Board Display Items:
  • Border - 3 Colors (PDF)"Opens a new browser window" 
  • Sample Title Banner (PDF)"Opens a new browser window" (also available in English and Spanish in 30" and 38" sizes)
    • 2. Be a Smart Shopper…Compare Prices!:

      Focuses on how to identify and use unit prices and how to use coupons to get the most for the food dollar
  • Lesson Plan: (Word, English) "Opens a new browser window"... Spanish 
  • Posters (bilingual):
  • Look for Unit Prices on Store Shelves: 11"x15 "(PDF)"Opens a new browser window"... 18"x24" | 26"x34" 
  • No Unit Price: 11"x15" (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"... 18"x24" | 26"x34" (3.1 MB)   
  • Be a Smart Shopper When Using Coupons: 11"x15" (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"... 18"x24" | 26"x34" 
  • Worksheets: Be a Smart Shopper
  • Be a Smart Shopper-Use Unit Prices: (PDF, English)"Opens a new browser window"...  Spanish 
  • When Using Coupons/Smart Shopping Tips: (PDF, English)"Opens a new browser window"... Spanish 
  • Bulletin Board Display Items:
  • Borders -3 Colors (PDF)"Opens a new browser window" 
  • Sample Title Banner (PDF)"Opens a new browser window" (also available in English and Spanish in 30" and 38" sizes)
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