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WIC EBT/MIS Project Teams

In 2012, planning teams comprised of California Department of Public Health (CDPH)/Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Division and local agency staff began planning activities for the WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Project and later began work on an additional project to replace WIC’s current legacy Management Information System (MIS).  In 2015, the teams were reorganized to begin planning for the implementation phase of the projects. In preparation for future needs, additional project resources were added when CDPH/WIC contracted with the California Office of Systems Integration (OSI) project management team to assist with procurement and project management.

Current WIC EBT/MIS Project Planning Teams have been created that consist of CDPH/WIC, CDPH/Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) and OSI staff. Collaboration is essential to ensure the new MIS functionality meets CDPH, local agency and vendor needs and that all stakeholders are prepared for a successful implementation. Teams represent key work areas during the planning, procurement and implementation phases of the Project. Project Planning Teams will make first level, tactical decisions and take actions relative to identifying and resolving issues; presenting alternatives, pros, cons and recommendations; and interacting with stakeholders and oversight entities. Current Project Planning Teams include:

·       Local Agency - Will work closely with the WIC EBT/MIS Local Agency Readiness Committee that consists of WIC local agency staff representing regions throughout California.

·       Vendor/Grocer/Retailer

·       Food Management

·       Financial Transactions

·       Data Management and Reporting

·       Architecture and Infrastructure

·       Technical Operations

·       Data Conversion


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