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California Breastfeeding Awareness Month

This year, in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week, we developed the August 2008 Breastfeeding Toolkit to help you celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month in your community. The theme is Breastfeeding:  The First Step To a Healthy Life.  Thank you for supporting our WIC families in raising a healthy infant.  

WIF Inserts

  • Breastfeeding is Good - Steps to Successful Breastfeeding - Risk of Formula Feeding  All in One (Word)"Opens a new browser window"
  • How does formula Compare to Breastmilk (PDF, English)"Opens a new browser window"...| Spanish
  • Posters

  • Breastfeeding Promotion Posters
  • Certificates  

  • Certificate of Recognition (Word)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement for Exclusive Breastfeeding (Word)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement for Combination Breastfeeding (Word)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Cards

  • Thank You Mommy (Word)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Congratulation 1 (Word)"Opens a new browser window" 
  • Congratulation 2 (Word)"Opens a new browser window"
  •  WIC In-service

  • The Peer Counselor’s Manual
  • DVD: “Loving Support: Partnering with WIC for Breastfeeding Success”
  • Other Ideas

    • Invite Doctors and Lactation Specialist to talk about the importance of prolonged breastfeeding and new research about exclusive breastfeeding.
    • Visit nearby hospitals during the first week of August to congratulate WIC mothers who are exclusively breastfeeding while in the hospital.
    • Celebrate with WIC families and staff by hosting a “Potluck”.


  • World Alliance Breastfeeding Action http://worldbreastfeedingweek.org
  • National USDA WIC Works http://www.nal.usda.gov/wicworks/spotlight/bfweek_resources.html
  • La Leche League http://www.llli.org/walk.html
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