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SESSION 4: Let's Go Shopping - WIC Foods and Food Instruments


  • WIC Foods, the WIC Allowed Food List (WAFL) Shopping Guide, and Selection Criteria
  • WIC Food Packages
  • WIC Food Instruments (FIs) and FI Security

Intended Audience

  • WNA Candidates and any new nutritionists


  • NEWT Sessions:
  • Let's Get Started: Orientation and Overview of WIC
  • Let's Get on WIC - Certification Part A
  • Let's Get on WIC - Certification Part B
    • WIC MIS Basic Training

    Upcoming Dates

    • TBD

    List of Materials Needed for this Session

      The following materials are provided by the State for you to download and bring to the session:
      The following materials can be downloaded or obtained by your Agency to bring to the session:
      Session 4 covers materials described in more depth in the following WNA Certification Modules:
      Additional training materials can be found in the following California WIC Training Manual Modules:

    Registering and Preparing for your Session

    Contact Information


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    IT Assistance:

    David Barber
    (916) 928-8826

    Registration Information:

    Teresa Dean
    (916) 928-8778

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