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WIC New Nutritionist Toolkit

New Nutritionist Training

Resource Guide


Welcome to WIC video:

  • Introduction to WIC program, describes program requirements, elegibility requirements, food instrument usage instructions and food package information.
  • All participants watch this video when enrolling in WIC as part of orientation: Welcome to WIC Video

WIC Program Manual:


WIC Local Agency Tools website:

  • Includes WIC MIS data system training tools.  Also included are tips on caseload management, WIC best practices, and marketing/outreach strategies. Resources for Local WIC Agencies

WIC toolkit and workshop about cultural diversity:

Training your staff:

  • Toolkits for nutrition education, learner centered education, infant feeding resources, training manuals, training forms, and staff in-service and workshop designs.
  • Illustrates WIC education philosophies for staff. Training Your Staff

WIC Learning Online:

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) has approved 4 CPE credits for Registered Dietitions (RDs) and Registered Dietition Technicians (RDTs).
Public Health Information

Breastfeeding Information:

Parenting Skills:

  • A blog of experienced moms offer tips to help caregivers cope and understand baby behavior. Secrets of Baby Behavior
  • The link to California's Baby Behavior Campaign.
  • A resource for the public and professionals on the division of responsibility in feeding. Ellyn Satter
  • The Natural Child Project provides information and advice on all aspects of "attachment parenting" (raising children with respect and trust), unschooling (trusting the child to set the "curriculum"), and child advocacy (includes children's advocacy organization documents from around the world). Resources - The Natural Child Project



WIC online education for participants:

Food Safety:

Motivational Interviewing:

Spanish for WIC Nutritionists:

  • Thorough and relevant tool to learn Spanish for education participants.  Costs incurred for single nutritionist use or group (up to 10 staff). Skelly Skills - RDs
Health By Topic




BMI Information:

Food Allergies:

Hypertension (Pre-eclampsia):

Postpartum Depression:

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