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Maternal Infant Health Assessment (MIHA) Snapshots for Prenatal WIC Participants

This report provides information on WIC maternal experiences and behaviors before, during and shortly after pregnancy based on data collected from the MIHA survey in 2013-14. Key indicators include: women’s health status, nutrition, perinatal depression, food insecurity, intimate partner violence, health insurance, infant sleep, breastfeeding and demographics. Statewide results are available for subgroups of women who participate in WIC during pregnancy based on: age, race/ethnicity, education, income, prenatal health insurance, neighborhood poverty, geographic area (urban and rural/frontier) and total live births. Statewide results are also shown by WIC status during pregnancy, categorizing women as prenatal WIC participants, eligible nonparticipants, or ineligible for WIC. County level data are available for the top 35 birthing counties; the remaining 23 counties are included in regional snapshots. The link below will take you to the report on the CDPH MIHA website.

MIHA Snapshots for Prenatal WIC Participants

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