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Farmers' Market Programs


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Authorized Farmers & Market Lists

These lists are updated frequently. 

  • To update the Market list above:

    Market Managers may update Market information by sending an email to WICFVC@cdph.ca.gov or WICFMNP@cdph.ca.gov
    Emails must provide the following information and updates should be in BOLD or RED. Copy and paste this information below into your email.

    Subject: Update Market Information
    Market #:
    Name of Market:
    On-site Market Manager:
    City of Market:
    County of Market:
    Market Location:
    Day of Week / Hours of Operation:
    Months of Operation:
    Market Manager:
    Name of Association (if Applicable):
    Mailing Address:
    Phone (Business:
    Fax Number:
    Market Certificate Information
    *Issuing County:
    *Certificate Number:
    *Expiration Date:


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