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Designing the PCE Way: Creating classes and training sessions


This series of four sessions (three 1/2 days and one full day) will help attendees learn how to create classes and training designs that incorporate PCE principles and techniques.  Attendees will practice using these techniques during the training and at their work sites.  Attendees should already have a good understanding of PCE principles, and have skills using these principles and techniques for both individual and group education.  Sessions will be conducted by videoconferencing.

Intended Audience

  • Nutrition Education Coordinators
  • Training Coordinators
  • Other administrative positions that help support education
  • Agenda 

     Day 1

  • Warm up, Intros, and VC Logistics
  • Adult Learning & PCE Principles and Techniques
  • Pieces of Planning Overview
  • The 4 "Ps": People, Purpose, Place, Time Period
  • Two "A"s: ASK (Attitude, Knowledge, and Skills (Content)) and Aims/Goals
  • Relationship of Learner/Educator/Designer
  • SNA - Strength and Needs Assessment
  • Applying Your Learning - To do for Next Time
  •  Day 2

  • Review Your Work
  • Open-Ended Questions in Design
  • Explore/Offer/Practice/Explore
  • Made to Stick Concepts: Simple, Unusual, Credible, Concrete, Emotional, Stories
  • Applying Your Learning - To do for Next Time


     Day 3

  • Review Your Work
  • Engaging Activities - Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
  • Effective use of PowerPoint
  • Preparing for your Presentations
  • Design with Respect and Safety in Mind
  •  Day 4

  • Your Presentations
  • Trainer's Tips
  • Assessment - Pilot Testing Evaluation
  • Review
  • Next Steps
  • Prerequisites

  • “Your Toolbox:  PCE for Individual Education”  AND
  • “Your Toolbox:  PCE for Group Education”  OR
  • Training similar to the 2 listed above, such as Motivational Interviewing and Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach
  • Access to properly working videoconference equipment
  • Registration

    NOTE:  This training consists of four sessions occurring once a week.
                   Trainees are also required to work on their designs between sessions.
                   All sessions are conducted via videoconferencing.


    Contact Information


    State WIC PCE Trainers

    Registration Information:

    Teresa Dean
    (916) 928-8778


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