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Description of New Employee and WNA Training (NEWT)

What is NEWT?

New Employee and WNA Training or NEWT is videoconference-based training for staff in the process of becoming WNA's, recently hired nutritionists, and other new staff.  NEWT involves live, 2-way sessions connecting the State WIC studio with WIC staff from all over California.  The participant-centered, highly interactive sessions will closely follow the content in the WNA Certification Modules.

What will the Sessions Cover?

There are currently four half-day sessions focusing on an overview of WIC services, certification, and WIC foods.  The table below lists each session, content, and the intended audience.

The NEWT sessions are designed as half-day sessions for learners to immediately begin using their knowledge back in the office later the same day.  We strongly encourage supervisors to have staff observe and practice in the afternoon following a NEWT session to help consolidate what they learn in the morning.

Also, during the sessions, learners will be instructed to write down questions on a sheet about procedures that may be specific to your agency and ask you those questions (referred to as Ask Your Supervisor or AYS sheet).  Please plan on a time after the training when staff and supervisors can discuss these questions.

Because the sessions are sequential and material covered in later sessions builds on what is learned in earlier sessions, staff must take them in order.


Session Title

Agenda Content

Intended Audience


Let’s Get Started -

Orientation and Overview of  WIC

  • WIC Goals and Successes
  • Platinum WIC Services
  • Roles of Local Agencies, the State and USDA
  • Basic WIC Services
  • An Overview of Determining Eligibility

Any recently hired staff


Let’s Get on WIC -

Certification Part A

  • The WIC Participant Path
  • Screening
  • Income
  • Address
  • Presence at Certification and WIC ID
  • Nutrition Assessment – Identifying Nutrition Risks
  • Other Certification considerations: Migrant, Transfer and Foster Families

WNA candidates and any new nutritionists


Let’s Get on WIC -

Certification Part B

  • Participant Orientation
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Shopping
  • Alternates and Proxies
  • Voter Registration
  • Immunization
  • Certification Periods
  • Ineligibility and Disqualification

WNA candidates and any new nutritionists


Let’s Go Shopping -

WIC Foods and Food Instruments

  • WIC Foods
  • The WAFL Shopping Guide and Selection Criteria
  • WIC Food Packages
  • WIC FIs and FI Security

WNA candidates and any new nutritionists

Note:  The NEWT sessions will not replace WIC MIS Training.  For the first session, "Let's Get Started: Orientation and Overview of WIC", WIC MIS is NOT needed.  WIC MIS is HIGHLY recommended for all other sessions.

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