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California WIC LVL:  Overview

The Local Vendor Liaison (LVL) program was established in April 2008.  The goal was to educate and support vendors during the implementation of the new WIC Foods.  Since then, the role of LVLs has evolved to provide WIC Authorized Vendors with technical assistance on minimum stocking requirements, updates on program requirements, and conduct store surveys.  WIC local agencies have designated one or more staff as an LVL to provide technical assistance and reinforce vendor education for WIC Authorized Vendors.  LVLs serve as a local resource to WIC Authorized Vendors and play a critical role to support vendors in their success in providing healthy foods to WIC participants.  The efforts of LVL staff help to quickly resolve vendor program participation and customer service issues in order to create a positive shopping experience for both the vendor and WIC participant.


About the LVL Program

  • LVL Roles and Responsibilities 
  • LVL Administration

  • Program Requirements: CMB Chapter 2, Section I, E. Vendor Technical Assistance and Support 
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