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Be an Effective PCE Mentor: Supporting educators through observation and feedback for both Individual and Group Education


This training will help attendees use PCE principles and techniques while observing and giving feedback to other WIC staff and to feel comfortable as PCE role models. Training will focus on both individual and group education.  Attendees will practice using these techniques during the training and in their work sites.  Attendees should already have a good understanding of and skills using the PCE principles and techniques for both individual and group education.

Intended Audience

  • Staff responsible for observing and giving feedback to WIC educators in individual or group settings

Agenda: Review and Practice

  • Key principles and techniques used in PCE mentoring.  These include:
  • Listening skills - including silence
  • Open-ended questions
  • Affirmation
  • Recognizing and responding appropriately to change talk
  • Reflection and summary
  • Exploring motivation
  • Choosing a topic together
  • Prioritizing needs
  • Using the State PCE observation tools
  • Identifying PCE consistent principles and techniques during individual and group education
  • Techniques for giving feedback to staff that encourage growth as educators and model PCE behaviors
  • Ways to observe staff during education sessions that reduce stress in the staff and the observer
In addition, attendees will practice observing and giving feedback to actual WIC staff in their agency, and will get feedback about their mentoring experiences.


  • “Your Toolbox:  PCE for Individual Education” AND
  • “Your Toolbox:  PCE for Group Education”  OR
  • Training similar to the 2 listed above, such as Motivational Interviewing training and Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach

Registration Now Open

NOTE: All sessions are 2 days (9am - 4:30pm), approximately 1 month apart.  Trainees are required to practice observing staff between the two sessions.

  • SANTA ANA:  Tuesday, October 11th AND Wednesday, November 9, 2016: CLOSED
Planned Parenthood Training Center
1971 E. 4th Street, Suite 140
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Contact Information


State WIC PCE Trainers

Registration Information:

Teresa Dean
(916) 928-8778


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