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Importation of Nonhuman Primates

Nonhuman primates may be imported into California upon application and receipt of a permit issued by VPHS, which can be obtained by following the 
procedures below:

     1.   Verify that the animal compound is a current VPHS-approved quarantine facility (not applicable for Nonresident Short-term Exhibition and Re-Entry permits).

     2.   Determine which importation permit to apply for: Assistance Animal, Exhibition, Nonresident Short-term Exhibition, Re-Entry, or Research.

     3.   Review the nonhuman primate permit guidelines for the type of permit desired, which can be located at the bottom of this page.

     4.   Complete the application, collect necessary documentation as specified under the permit guidelines, and email to VetPH@cdph.ca.gov

     5.   The permit will be issued via email; the nonhuman primate may be imported into California upon receipt of the importation permit.

Numbers 6-8 are applicable for all permits, with the exception of Nonresident Short-term Exhibition and Re-Entry.

     6.   The normal quarantine period required for nonhuman primates is that which provides for a physical examination and  
           administration of a tuberculin (TB) test by a veterinarian upon entry (unless a TB test was administered within 30 days prior to    
           importation), and a repeat physical examination and TB test administered no earlier than 30-days after the entrance of quarantine.

     7.   The Veterinarian is to complete and submit the Veterinary Certificate of Quarantine via email.

     8.   VPHS will review the Veterinary Certificate of Quarantine, and if satisfactory, the Department will issue a Release from Quarantine.
           The nonhuman primate may only be released once the Release from Quarantine is received.


While VPHS will endeavor to process permit applications in as timely a manner as possible, there is no guarantee that the permit will be issued by a specific date.
Importers should submit permit applications to VPHS as soon as practically possible. The importation application and supporting documentation must be received by VPHS no less
than ten (10) business days proceeding the probable date of shipment. Health certificates must be received by VPHS no less than five (5) days proceeding the probable date of shipment.

Nonhuman Primate Permit Guidelines
Applications & Forms
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