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About the CTCP Media Campaign

The California Tobacco Control Program’s Media Campaign is a key component of the nation’s longest running and most emulated anti-tobacco programs. These media efforts were the first of their kind to reach California’s diverse populations with successful African-American, and in-language Spanish and Asian advertising campaigns. The campaign’s primary strategic goals are to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, to counter pro-tobacco influences, to reduce access to tobacco products, to raise awareness of how tobacco impacts the environment, and to motivate Californians to quit smoking.



TobaccoFreeCA.com is a place to learn about eliminating tobacco from Californian’s’ daily lives. Information can be found on quitting tobacco, motivating others to quit, and protecting yourself and your loved ones from tobacco.


TobaccoFreeCA Facebook Page

Visit the TobaccoFreeCA Facebook page and “like us” to join the discussion about how to protect Californians against all the negative impacts of tobacco.


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Unsolicited Materials Policy

CTCP does not accept unsolicited creative concepts or materials.  We are unable to use unsolicited concepts from the public to create television, radio, print or digital advertisements for our media campaign. CTCP has contracted with an advertising agency to develop the campaign’s advertising and website features, and cannot consider other creative ideas or materials. This is due to possible litigation over copyright infringement and other unauthorized or uncompensated use of creative products.

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