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Local Health Department Programs


City and County Health Departments provide a solid framework for local tobacco control work by engaging California’s diverse populations; providing education and support to urban, rural, and suburban environments; and ensuring that all community members have a voice in proposing and implementing community solutions to problems caused by tobacco use.   


Each of the 58 county and 3 city health departments in California are designated as “Local Lead Agencies” (LLAs) for a health jurisdiction by the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 104400 through 104415.  As the lead tobacco control agency at the community level, the LLA is responsible for coordinating information, referral, outreach, and educational activities.  Each LLA also facilitates a community coalition to engage in grassroots efforts that educate the public about health issues related to tobacco use, limit tobacco industry strategies that promote tobacco use, and create sustainable change to protect the health and well-being of the community.  


LLAs are the lead agency in your community for the development of policies and educational activities to protect you and your family from breathing cigarette smoke in parks, beaches, schools, restaurants, workplaces, and other public areas.  LLAs also engage in activities to reduce exposure to tobacco marketing and promotion, and to stop the sale of tobacco to youth. 

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