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Local and Statewide Projects 

The California Tobacco Control Section (CTCP) funds a variety of local and statewide projects that facilitate community norm change and provide infrastructure to support local tobacco control efforts. These projects work in coordination with each other to create effective and innovative tobacco control interventions throughout California. View our Local Lead Agency, community and statewide project directory

County/City Local Health Departments
Each of the 58 county and 3 city health departments are designated as "Local Lead Agencies" (LLAs). As the lead tobacco control agency at the community level, the LLA is responsible for coordinating information, referral, outreach and education activities within their respective health jurisdiction. Each LLA fosters and involves a community coalition to engage in grassroots community mobilization activities that promote social norm changes and educate the public about health issues related to tobacco use and tobacco industry strategies that promote tobacco use. In general, LLAs take the lead on local community policy development, facilitation of enforcement of tobacco control laws, and local provision of tobacco cessation services. 

Local Competitive Grant Program
The local competitive grant program consists of a variety of local community-based projects that focus on: 1) local interventions to address tobacco control priorities; or 2) priority population-focused planning and intervention efforts. Non-profit agencies funded as competitive grant projects include community-based organizations, voluntary health organizations, health clinics, ethnic organizations, alcohol and drug centers, labor organizations, youth organizations and universities. Agencies are also representative of the state by serving local communities in Northern, Central, and Southern California.

Statewide Projects
Statewide Projects feature a variety of programs specifically designed to provide technical assistance, resources, and/or services to the California tobacco control community. These projects provide technical support relating to: education and advocacy work for creating smoke-free environments; grassroots organizing and community mobilization; divestment of tobacco industry funding; technical support relating to the development or adaptation of local policies and providing advocacy and support for programs which target youth and the 18-24 year old age group, and working with diverse populations.

California Smokers' Helpline
The California Smokers’ Helpline Opens in new browser window. provides intensive tobacco cessation telephone counseling for those who are ready to quit. Assistance is available in English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese as well as for the hearing impaired. Tailored counseling services are provided for adults, teens, pregnant women and chew tobacco users. CSH also provides self-help materials and a referral list to other tobacco cessation programs. The services provided by CSH are free of charge.

Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC)
Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of CaliforniaOpens in new browser window.provides a broad array of resources and support services, including: a complete catalog of tobacco education materials, professional research assistance, a library of over 20,000 tobacco-related materials to borrow, and editorial, graphics, and full materials development support.  

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