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Safe and Active Communities (SAC) Branch

Injury is the number one killer and disabler of persons aged 1 to 44.

In California each year, injuries cause:

      • over 17 thousand deaths
      • over 75 thousand Californians to be permanently disabled
      • over 240 thousand Californians to be hospitalized
      • over 2 million Californians to get treatment in emergency rooms

Injuries do not result from random acts of fate or freak accidents. The causes of injuries are understandable and predictable, and resulting injuries are preventable.

 SAC's Organization

The SAC Branch is the focal point for the California Department of Public Health's injury prevention efforts, both epidemiological investigations and implementation of prevention programs to reduce intentional and unintentional injuries.  Prevention efforts include epidemiological surveillance, planning and consensus building, interventions, policy development, professional education and training, and public information.

 Specifically, within CDPH, we are part of the Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Control (CDIC). 

The organizational units within SAC are:

Branch office - Jacquolyn Duerr, M.P.H., Acting Chief

  • Administrative Support Unit - Pam Shipley, Chief
  • Injury Surveillance and Epidemiology - Roger Trent, Ph.D., Chief
  • Violent Injury Surveillance Program - Steve Wirtz, Ph.D., Chief
  • Living Healthy with a Disability - Nancy Guenther, M.S.T., Program Manager 
  • State and Local Injury Control Section - Barbara Alberson, M.P.H., Chief
  • Violence Prevention Program - Stacy Alamo Mixson, M.P.H., Chief

How to contact SAC:

Email: sacb@cdph.ca.gov

Main phone line: (916) 552-9800
Main fax line: (916) 552-9810

Regular (USPS) mail:

California Department of Public Health
Safe and Active Communities (SAC) Branch
MS 7214
PO Box 997377
Sacramento, CA  95899-7377

Overnight or courier mail:

California Department of Public Health
Safe and Active Communities (SAC) Branch
1616 Capitol Ave, Suite 74.660
MS 7214
Sacramento, CA  95814-5052

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