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Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management


Drought-Related Activities and Information:  Follow this link for the latest on Drought Preparedness, Water Conservation and Water Supply Emergency Response.

Reorganization Proposal: The Administration has proposed a July 1, 2014 transfer of the Drinking Water Program from CDPH to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). Find out more at http://www.swrcb.ca.gov/drinkingwater/index.shtml.  The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) is also proposed to be transferred to SWRCB.  In this proposal the other branches in DDWEM -- the Environmental Management Branch and the Drinking Water and Radiation Laboratory -- will remain in CDPH.

ELAP Chief Recruitment: We are recruiting for Chief of the ELAP program. Click here for information on the minimum qualifications and the application process.

Chromium-6 (Hexavalent Chromium): Follow this link for the latest information about the proposed MCL for chromium- 6 in drinking water.

Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SDWSRF):  At the SDWSRF website, there's information about the Pre-Planning and Legal Entity Formation Assistance Program, Planning and Construction Applications, the Consolidation Incentive, and the Intended Use Plan, and the CDPH Plan for the SDWSRF.

LISTSERVs:  DDWEM has created four LISTSERVs to notify subscribers when the web site has been updated.  Scroll down for more information about subscribing.

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The California Department of Public Health's Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management (DDWEM) promotes and maintains a physical, chemical, and biological environment that contributes positively to health, prevents illness, and assures protection of the public.

Here's DDWEM's organization (PDF) Opens in new window.for quick reference and program contacts.  DDWEM's major components are:

  • Drinking Water Program. The Drinking Water Program regulates public water systems; promotes and provides information on drought preparedness and water conservation; oversees water recycling projects; certifies residential water treatment devices; certifies drinking water treatment and distribution operators; supports and promotes water system security; provides support for small water systems and for improving technical, managerial, and financial (TMF) capacity; oversees the Drinking Water Treatment and Research Fund for MTBE and other oxygenates; and provides funding opportunities for water system improvements, including funding under Proposition 84, Proposition 50 and the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
  • Environmental Management Branch (EMB). EMB regulates medical waste generators, shellfish production and harvesting operations, and recreational health (swimming pools and ocean beaches); provides sanitary surveillance of state institutions; oversees radiological surveillance around federal facilities, the state's radon program, and the Medical Waste Management Program; and houses CDPH's Nuclear Emergency Response Program.
  • Drinking Water and Radiation Laboratory (DWRL). DWRL provides analytical support to the DDWEM's programs and CDPH's Radiological Health Branch, and, through interagency agreements, to other State agencies. DWRL was formerly known as the Sanitation and Radiation Laboratory.
  • Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). ELAP provides evaluation and accreditation of environmental testing laboratories to ensure the quality of analytical data used for regulatory purposes to meet the requirements of the State's food, drinking water, wastewater, shellfish, and hazardous waste programs.

LISTSERVs for DDWEM Programs                                                         

DDWEM has created four LISTSERVs to notify customers when the web site has been updated.  Anyone can sign up to receive these notifications.  Subscribing and unsubscribing are done by an automated system.  To subscribe, send a blank email to one or more of the following email addresses.  

Job Opportunities in DDWEM

For information about job opportunities for engineers in the Drinking Water Program, click here (PDF, 1.1MB)Opens in new window. For more information about DDWEM employment, please visit CDPH job opportunities and State Personnel Board jobs.

DDWEM's Programs and Areas of Special Interest

At the bottom of this page is a list of some of DDWEM's programs and areas of special interest.  Click on a topic to find out more.

Other Water Quality Information

My Water Quality Click here or on the icon to view the California Water Quality Council's web portal.                                                         

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