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Office of Vital Records

The Office of Vital Records (OVR) is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a uniform system for registration and a permanent central registry with a comprehensive and continuous index for all birth, death, fetal death, marriage and dissolution certificates registered for vital events which occur in California (1+ million events annually). 

OVR Goals:

  • Establish a permanent public record for each birth, death, fetal death, marriage and dissolution occurring in the State of California.
  • Automate the collection and transmission of vital record data originating at the local level.
  • Provide timely and accurate information to the National Center for Health Statistics.
  • Provide health related statistical data, through the Office of Health Information and Research, to organizations, researchers, and governmental agencies.
  • Assist the local jurisdictions (counties) in automating their vital event processing.
  • Provide guidance and policy for the local jurisdictions in the registration of vital events.
  • Provide certified copies of vital events.
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