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SEM Images Description

Broken Pollen Image 

This image shows an oval shaped pollen grain with two round, wing-like bladders sticking out. The entire grain is about 70 micrometers wide and each bladder is about 25 micrometers in diameter. The bladder on the left side of the pollen grain is broken, revealing its hollow inside. The pollen grain has a smooth but slightly wrinkly surface. Several 3 micrometer particles cling to the surface of the pollen grain, and a large, irregular particle, about 30 micrometers long and 5 micrometers wide, lies next to the pollen grain.

Pollen Surface Image

This image shows the lower left quarter of a round pollen grain of about 40 micrometers in diameter. The pollen grain’s surface is quite wrinkly and covered with many spherical protrusions, about 0.5 micrometers in size each.

Sodium Chloride "Box" Image

This image shows a 15 micrometer particle that is shaped like a hollow cube or box, with the corners of the box slightly rounded. The inside of the box is filled with other particles of a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging form about 0.1 micrometers to 3 micrometers.  Also lying next to the box particle are 3 large, irregular particles, ranging from 4 to 15 micrometers in size.

Air Sampler Artifact Image

 This image shows an elongated metallic particle that is twisted into a spiral. The elongated particle is about 7 micrometers thick and 60 micrometers long and is twisted into a shape about 25 micrometers in diameter. The metal has a striated surface, with folds and gouges parallel to its length.

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