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For Employers – Medical providers for blood lead level testing and respirator evaluations*  

If you use or disturb lead or lead-containing products in your business, you should provide blood lead level testing for your employees.

Statewide Networks of Clinics

The following statewide occupational medicine provider networks offer blood lead level testing and respirator evaluation services to employers at clinics located throughout California. Click on a link to find a provider near you, or call the number provided.


University of California Occupational Medicine Clinics

  • Irvine (949) 824-8685
  • San Francisco Bay Area (415) 885-7580, ext. #1
  • Sacramento/Davis Area (530) 752-1281
  • San Diego (619) 471-9210 or (858) 657-1600


Other Providers

You can also find a provider in your area by going to www.googlemaps.com and entering “occupational medicine providers, your city name, CA” in the search field.

*These links are provided as a service to employers and do not imply endorsement of any company or organization by the California Department of Public Health.


For more information, see Medical Management of Lead-exposed Adults

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