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California Occupational Blood Lead Registry

Laboratories are required to report the results of all blood lead tests taken in California to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  A blood lead test measures the amount of lead in the blood. Higher levels of lead in the blood, especially if they continue over time, are more likely to cause health damage.

The Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (OLPPP) collects these test results for adults (age 16 years and up) and enters them in the California Occupational Blood Lead Registry.  This tracking system allows OLPPP to:

  • Identify serious cases of lead poisoning in workers where follow-up is necessary to ensure that the worker receives proper medical care and the sources of exposure at work are controlled;
  • Determine how many workers in California may be lead poisoned, what industries they work in, and where they live and work;
  • Provide information that can be used for designing and evaluating public health programs for preventing lead poisoning in high-risk industries.


The OLPPP Occupational Blood Lead Registry Staff:

  • Receive, compile, and analyze the blood lead level laboratory reports for adults.
  • Refer serious cases of lead poisoning to OLPPP’s case investigation team. (See Related Links).
  • Provide monthly reports to local health departments of workers in their area who have an elevated blood lead level to support local efforts to prevent take-home lead poisoning.
  • Produce bi-annual data files for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) program. 
  • Publish periodic reports that summarize the findings of the Registry.
  • Respond to data requests from state and local health departments, health care providers, researchers, and others for more detailed information about lead poisoning in California.
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