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Every year, thousands of California workers are injured on the job or become ill as a result of health hazards at work. These work-related injuries and illnesses result in substantial human and economic costs. California workers’ compensation benefits paid in 2011 alone totaled $10.5 billion. As large as this figure is, it represents only a fraction of the indirect and direct costs of work-related injuries and illnesses. 

The following are data tables for health indicators that characterize the state of occupational health in California. Data are from 2000 through 2011. Data from subsequent years will be added as they become available.

Work-related injuries and illnesses can be prevented.  Having the information necessary to understand the problem is the first step.  

NOTE: Corrections made to Occupational Health Indicators (OHIs) from Hospital Discharge Data.

In February 2014, OHB became aware that Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) “Public Use” Hospital Discharge data files do not include all hospitalizations.  OSHPD does this to ensure that individuals cannot be identified where the number of cases is small.  As a result, OHB must instead use the “Non-Public” Hospital Discharge data for generation of Occupational Health Indicators (OHIs).

We have recalculated the four OHIs that rely on Hospital Discharge data: Work-Related Hospitalizations (2000 – 2010); Hospitalizations for Work-Related Burns (2000 – 2010); Pneumoconiosis Hospitalizations (2000 – 2010); and Hospitalizations for Work-Related Lower Back Disorders (2007 – 2010).

The updated numbers now appear on our website.  If you have used or quoted the numbers for California’s Hospitalization OHIs prior to February 2014, please note this change. 


California Occupational Health Indicators full report, 2006-2011 (PDF)Opens in new browser window  | …2000-2005 (PDF)Opens in new browser window  Employment Demographics Profile and all Indicators (46 pages) 

 A Guide for Tracking Occupational Health Conditions & Their Determinants (PDF)Opens in new browser window – ”how-to” guide for states on generating Occupational Health Indicators (Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists/CSTE, updated 2015)

Data Sources Used to Calculate Occupational Health Indicators (PDF)Opens in new browser window – adapted from 2005 CSTE report


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