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Premature Mortality Trends 2000-2007                                                                                               DS 09-09000

California Total Population

In 2007, the age-adjusted YPLL-75 rate per 100,000 population for all persons was 5,641.7 years, which was a decrease of 9.4 percent from the 2000 rate 6,224.1 years.  This rate decreased every year except 2003.  Refer to Table 1 (PDF)Opens a new browser window. and Table 2 (PDF)Opens a new browser window. for detailed YPLL-75 rates and raw counts of years lost. 

A 2000 to 2007 trend analysis showed a statistically significant downward trend in the YPLL-75 rate for the total California population for all causes of death combined.  For details on how the trend analysis was conducted, see Technical Notes.

Age-Adjusted YPLL-75 Rate, All Persons for All Causes of Death, California 2000-2007

While there was an overall decrease in the 2007 total YPLL-75 rate when compared to 2000, trends among specific causes of death varied.  The cause that contributed the most to the decrease in the total 2007 YPLL-75 rate compared to 2000 was cancer, a rate decrease of 237.2 years.  The cause that contributed most to offsetting the decrease in the total YPLL 75 rate was unintentional injuries, a rate increase of 87.2 years.

The cause that had the largest percentage decrease in the 2007 rate compared to 2000 was HIV disease, which decreased 39.0 percent.  The cause that showed the largest percentage increase was viral hepatitis, which increased 56.0 percent.

Change in Age-Adjusted YPLL-75 Rate for Selected Causes of Death, California, 2007 Compared to 2000 

In 2007, the top three causes of death affecting the total population YPLL-75 rate were cancer, unintentional injuries, and heart disease.  These three causes combined accounted for 50.3 percent of the total YPLL-75 rate, and they comprised 51.0 percent of the total 2000 YPLL-75 rate. 

The YPLL-75 rate due to cancer and heart disease as a proportion of the total rate decreased in 2007 compared to 2000.  The YPLL-75 rate percentage attributed to cancer decreased from 22.9 (2000) to 21.1 (2007), and the percentage due to heart disease decreased from 15.5 to 13.7.  In contrast, the percentage of the total YPLL-75 rate due to unintentional injuries increased from 12.6 in 2000 to 15.5 in 2007.

Distribution of YPLL-75 Rate, By Selected Causes of Death For All Persons, California, 2000 and 2007

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