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Premature Mortality Trends 2000-2007

DS 09-09000

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  • Years of potential life lost before age 75 (YPLL-75) is a measure used to reflect the impact of premature mortality on a population.
  • In 2007, the age-adjusted YPLL-75 rate per 100,000 population for all California residents was 5,641.7 years, which represented a decrease of 9.4 percent from the 2000 rate of 6,224.1 years.
  • For all causes of death selected for this report, men had a higher age-adjusted YPLL-75 rate than women.
  • Blacks had the highest age-adjusted YPLL-75 rate among race/ethnic groups for all study years for all causes of death combined.
  • The age-adjusted YPLL-75 rate for the total California population decreased relative to the year 2000 every subsequent year to 2007, a statistically significant trend.  However, this trend was not consistent across all subsets or groupings within the population.
  • Some geographic patterns were apparent among California counties.  For example, the northwest counties reflected rates in the 75th percentile or above, and the central coastal and southern coastal counties fell below the state median.

Age-Adjusted YPLL-75 Rate, All Persons for All Causes of Death, California 2000-2007


This report was authored by Loran Sheley, MA, Research Program Specialist.  Please contact DAReports@cdph.ca.gov for further information.


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Helpful Resources: WISQUARS: YPLL Reports 1999-2006, NCHS; Smoking-Attributable Mortality, Years of Potential Life Lost, and Productivity Losses --- United States, 2000-2004, CDC MMWR, 11/14/2008 

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