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Premature Mortality Trends 2000-2007                                                                                               DS 09-09000


Years of potential life lost before age 75 (YPLL-75) is a measure commonly used in public health that reflects the impact of premature mortality on a population.  Deaths among people in younger age groups “are more likely to be attributable to preventable causes and therefore subject to prevention and intervention.”1  Because most deaths occur among people in older age groups, analyses of mortality data generally reflect disease processes of older people; therefore, an alternative measure is essential to reflect mortality trends in younger people.2

YPLL-75 reflects the impact of deaths occurring before the age of 75.  The younger the decedent is, the greater the measured impact.  For example, in the case of a 29 year-old woman who dies from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease the event would be counted as 46 years of potential life lost.  A 73-year-old man who dies from chronic lower respiratory disease would be counted as two years of potential life lost.

This report’s selected causes of death were chosen for their impact on California’s premature mortality.  These selected causes contribute the most years to the total YPLL 75. They were not chosen to represent the greatest total number of deaths, as is the case when leading causes of death are analyzed.  Therefore, selected causes of death discussed will differ from leading causes presented in other Office of Health Information and Research (OHIR) reports.

This report examines trends over the time period of 2000 to 2007.  In addition, the most recent year data is analyzed in more depth.  The report presents data in four major sections.  The first section discusses YPLL-75 for the total population.  The second section analyzes the male and female populations separately.  The third section reviews differences in YPLL-75 by race/ethnic groups.  The last section examines premature mortality trends among California residents at the county level. 

Because this report covers trends over time, age-adjusted rates of YPLL-75 per 100,000 population under age 75 are used for comparison.  Additional information regarding the calculation of YPLL-75 rates is located in the Technical Notes.
Detailed tables are provided with each analysis.  Table 1 (PDF)Opens a new browser window. shows age-adjusted YPLL-75 rates by sex and race/ethnicity for the years 2000 through 2007, as well as 2007 crude rates.  Table 2 (PDF)Opens a new browser window. displays YPLL-75 raw counts for the same period by sex and race/ethnicity.  Table 3 (PDF)Opens a new browser window. reflects 2000 through 2007 age-adjusted YPLL-75 rates by county of residence, and 2007 crude rates.

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