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Unintentional Injury Death Data Trends for Years 2000-2010   DS 13-13000

Race/Ethnicity Group Differences

Leading Causes of Death by Race/Ethnicity

Unintentional injury deaths rank as a leading cause of death varied by race/ethnicity.

     •    Unintentional injuries ranked as the third leading cause of death for American Indians, Hispanics, and Two or More Races for all years.
     •    Beginning in year 2005 forward unintentional injury deaths became the seventh leading cause of death for Asians.
     •    Unintentional injury deaths have fluctuated between the fourth to sixth leading causes of death for Blacks.  In the most current year analyzed, unintentional injuries ranked fifth.
     •    Since 2004, unintentional injuries ranked as the fifth leading cause of death for Pacific Islanders.
     •    Unintentional injury deaths were the sixth leading cause of death for Whites, except in 2003 and 2004 when it ranked fifth.

See the Technical Notes for information about leading causes of death and rankings.


The age-adjusted death rates for unintentional injury deaths have fluctuated for many race/ethnicity groups.  Among the race/ethnicity groups, American Indians had the highest age-adjusted rates for each year of this study.  Between 2000 and 2010, the age-adjusted unintentional injury death rates ranged from:

     •    39.9 to 57.6, American Indian
     •    17.4 to 36.2, Pacific Islander
     •    31.1 to 41.4, Black
     •    30.3 to 37.3, White
     •    21.3 to 28.8, Hispanic
     •    12.2 to 17.6, Asian
     •    3.9 to 19.8, Two or More Races.

It should be noted that the increase in the age-adjusted rates from 2000 to 2010 for Two or More Races reporting is possibly due to improved race recording on the death certificate.

The chart below displays age-adjusted death rates by race/ethnicity for the years 2000 through 2010. 

Annual age-adjusted death rates by race/ethnicity are displayed in Table 3Opens a new browser window..

Unintentional Injury Age-Adjusted Death Rates by Race/Ethnicity, California 2000-2010

Age Distribution of Unintentional Injury Deaths by Race/Ethnicity 

The average age of death due to an unintentional injury differed amid race/ethnicity groups.  Two or More Races had the youngest average age of death at 35.6 years whereas Whites had the oldest average age, 53.7 years.  This means on the average Two or More Races died more than 18.1 years earlier from unintentional injuries when compared to Whites.  The average age of death from unintentional injuries between 2000 and 2010 was:

     •    35.6 years for Two or More Races.
     •    38.5 years for Pacific Islanders.
     •    38.3 years for Hispanics.
     •    42.4 years for American Indians.
     •    45.0 years for Blacks.
     •    53.7 years for Asians.
     •    53.7 years for Whites.

The majority of unintentional injury deaths occurred to people under age 65 (74.4 percent).  The distribution varied considerably among those people over the age of 65 based on race/ethnicity.  Specifically, the proportion of unintentional injury deaths over the age 65 reflected:

     •    Less than 10 percent for Two or More Races.
     •    Between 10 and 15 percent for American Indians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Pacific Islanders.
     •    Between 30 and 40 percent for Whites.
     •    Greater than 40 percent among Asians.

The chart below shows the age distribution of unintentional injury deaths by race/ethnicity.

Age Distribution of Unintentional Injury Deaths by Race/Ethnicity, California 2000-2010 

Age-Specific Rates 

The risk of dying from unintentional injuries increased with age.  Age-specific death rates for all race/ethnicity groups were higher in older age groups. 

Annual age-specific unintentional injury death rates by race/ethnicity group are displayed in Table 2aOpens a new browser window..

Crude Death Rates 

During the period, the ranges for actual risk of dying per 100,000 population, or crude death rate, by race/ethnicity categories were as follows:

     •    American Indian, 36.2 to 57.2
     •    Asian, 11.7 to 15.6
     •    Black, 29.1 to 40.2
     •    Hispanic, 17.0 to 23.6
     •    Pacific Islander, 16.8 to 32.1
     •    Two or More Races, 4.1 to 14.5
     •    White, 33.2 to 43.0

Annual unintentional injury crude death rates by race/ethnicity categories are displayed in Table 2aOpens a new browser window. under the “All Ages” column.

See the Technical Notes for information about rate calculation.

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