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Diabetes Mortality Data Trends for 2000-2008                                                                           DS 10-10001

Race/Ethnic Group Differences

Diabetes affects race/ethnic groups differently, and the rank of diabetes as a leading cause of death varied among groups.  In 2008, diabetes was the:
   •   Fourth leading cause of death among Asians, Blacks, and Pacific Islanders.
   •   Fifth leading cause of death among Hispanics.
   •   Sixth leading cause of death for Two or More Races.
   •   Seventh leading cause of death among American Indians.
   •   Eighth leading cause of death for Whites.

The chart below displays age-adjusted death rates by race/ethnicity for the years 2000 to 2008.

Diabetes Age-Adjusted Death Rates by Race/Ethnicity, California 2000-2008 

The diabetes age-adjusted death rate was consistently higher for Blacks than all other race/ethnic groups.  Whites and Asians had the lowest age-adjusted death rates for diabetes over the period, while the rates for American Indians and Hispanics were in the middle.  Between 2000 and 2008, the age-adjusted diabetes death rates ranged from 22.0 to 37.1 for American Indians, 16.6 to 19.0 for Asians, 44.1 to 49.9 for Blacks, 30.1 to 36.5 for Hispanics, and 16.7 to 18.6 for Whites.

Hispanics were the only race/ethnic group that exhibited a statistically significant trend during the period, a slight downward trend. 

Annual diabetes age-adjusted death rates are shown in Table 3 (PDF)Opens a new browser window..  Rates for Pacific Islanders and Two or More Races were unreliable during one or more years in the study, so their rates are not discussed here.  However, the rates are displayed in Table 3 (PDF)Opens a new browser window..

There were differences in the average age of diabetes death among race/ethnic groups.  For example, Pacific Islanders died an average of more than 10 years earlier from diabetes than Asians.  The average age of death due to diabetes between 2000 and 2008 was:
   •   64.6 years for Pacific Islanders.
   •   65.1 years for Two or More Races.
   •   67.1 years for American Indians.
   •   68.2 years for Blacks.
   •   69.6 years for Hispanics.
   •   73.8 years for Whites.
   •   74.7 years for Asians.

More than half of diabetes deaths between 2000 and 2008 occurred to persons over age 65 in all race/ethnic groups.  However, the percentage of deaths that occurred to people under age 65 varied by race/ethnicity, and some groups experienced more deaths at younger ages than other groups.  Specifically, the proportion of diabetes deaths before age 65 was:
   •   More than 40 percent among Pacific Islanders and Two or More Races.
   •   Between 30 and 40 percent among American Indians, Blacks, and Hispanics.
   •   Less than 30 percent among Asians and Whites.

The chart below shows the age distribution of diabetes deaths by race/ethnicity.

Age Distribution of Diabetes Deaths by Race/Ethnicity, California 2000-2008

The risk of dying from diabetes increases with age.  Age-specific death rates for all race/ethnic groups were higher in older age groups.  Annual age-specific diabetes death rates by race/ethnic group are displayed in Table 2a (PDF)Opens a new browser window..

During the period, the actual risk of dying per 100,000 population, or crude death rate, ranged for race/ethnic/groups were as follows:
   •   American Indians, 18.9 to 29.4
   •   Asians, 12.0 to 16.6
   •   Blacks, 31.5 to 38.6
   •   Hispanics, 13.1 to 15.7
   •   Whites, 21.7 to 24.2

Pacific Islanders and Two or More Races had unreliable crude death rates during one or more years of the study period and, therefore, are not included above.  Annual diabetes crude death rates by race/ethnic group are displayed in Table 2a (PDF)Opens a new browser window. under the “All Ages” column.

See the Technical Notes for information about rate calculation and trend analysis.

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