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Data Quality Management Unit

Data Quality Management Unit in the Center for Health Statistics and Informatics is responsible for monitoring and improving the data contained within California's electronic vital statistics system.

Key functions include:

  • Initiate, develop, and implement specific measures to ensure and improve the timeliness, quality, accessibility, and utility of California's vital statistics data. 
  • Monitor the timeliness and quality of vital statistics data.
  • Perform final edits and evaluation, and complete the preparation of the various vital statistics files.
  • Provide data quality feedback, educational materials and presentations to staff who work with data entry entities (funeral homes, birthing hospitals, etc.) to improve data quality at the source.
  • Present well-researched and knowledgeable cause of death coding information upon request. 
  • Production of the Birth Cohort File for births, linked infant deaths, and fetal deaths.
  • Provide leadership on data quality issues to a variety of Health Statistics Branch committees, notably those that oversee the development and/or improvement of electronic registration systems. 
  • Oversee the birth-death cross match, which involved matching of all deaths of California residents with the birth record and marking the birth record as "deceased", a critical step to prevent fraud and to protect individuals from identity theft. 
  • Coordinate the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program (VSCP), which allows for the delivery of California data to the national data set and supports cause-of-death coding that is essential to customers of the death statistical file. 
Program Overview and Information
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