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Respiratory Protection in the Workplace:  Cal/OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard

When engineering and work practice controls do not provide enough protection from workplace hazards, personal protective equipment such as respiratory protection may be necessary. However, a respirator will not provide the intended protection if employers choose the wrong type of respirator or one that doesn’t fit the individual worker, or allow it to be used improperly.

The Cal/OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard covers any use of respiratory protection in the workplace. Employer requirements include a written program with designated program administrator, respirator selection procedures, medical evaluations, training, fit testing and recordkeeping. Feasible engineering and administrative controls must be implemented before an employer can resort to respiratory protection to reduce exposure below a chemical’s Permissible Exposure Limit. When respirators are used to reduce exposure to particles that can cause infectious disease, additional requirements in the Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Diseases Standard may also apply.

Listed below are links to the Cal/OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard and its appendices on the Cal/OSHA website.

  Cal/OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (standard without appendices) – Title 8 CCR; Section 5144

Respiratory Protection Standard Appendix A: Fit Test Protocols

Respiratory Protection Standard Appendix B-1: User Seal Check Procedures

Respiratory Protection Standard Appendix B-2: Respirator Cleaning Procedures

Respiratory Protection Standard Appendix C: Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

Respiratory Protection Standard Appendix D: Information for Voluntary Users

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