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Sickle Cell Program Approval

California regulations require that all sickle cell education and counseling programs apply for and obtain written approval from the Department of Health Services regardless of whether funding is private or public. Such approval is contingent upon compliance with all sections of the regulations, which includes the use of certified counselors and physicians with special training in pediatric hematology. Other sections require the use of protocols for confidentiality of records, the use of State-approved educational materials and the use of State-approved laboratories for sickle cell hemoglobin testing.

Approved programs may receive free of charge sickle cell and other genetic educational materials provided by the GeneHELP Resource Center for use in their educational outreach programs.

Sickle Cell Program Approval Forms:

Application Jan 07 to Dec 08 (PDF) 
Program Approval Letter 11/06 (PDF) 
Attachment A CEU Log 05 06 (PDF) 
Attachment B (PDF) 

For more information regarding the Sickle Cell Program approval process, call (510) 412-1585.


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