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Maternal PKU Camp/Conference

Developed in 1987, the camp is a week-long educational event for young women with PKU. The campers increase their skills in low-protein cooking, diet management, decision-making regarding family planning, and self-esteem. In addition, campers increase their knowledge regarding genetics and other women's health issues. Based upon skill level and previous attendance at camp, women participate in either basic or advanced workshops as well as other learning activities that involve the whole group. Approximately 20 campers participate in camp, now held every other year. The camp staff includes physicians, nurses, nutritionists, health educators, social workers, psychologists, genetic counselors and other public health professionals from GDSP and the many genetic and metabolic clinics throughout the state.

This camp/conference provides a unique opportunity for young women with PKU to live and learn together in a supportive and fun environment. The goals of the camp/conference are to assist participants to:

  • learn about nutrition and the low-protein diet,
  • develop diet self-management skills,
  • discuss PKU-related issues and how they affect their lives,
  • share experiences and become friends with other young women who have PKU.

There are cooking classes featuring nutrition education, basic cooking skills and hands-on preparation of tasty, low-phe food. In addition, there are group discussions, guest speakers and videos which address important issues for women with PKU.

Who May Attend?

Young women with PKU who are 14 years or older, or who are 13 years old and will be in the 9th grade in the Fall, are eligible to attend. Returning campers and residents of other states will be accepted as space and staffing permit. We reserve the right to limit participants based on previous camp attendance.

For more information, please contact your local metabolic clinic or the Maternal PKU Program at (510) 412-1502.

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