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To avoid delays in processing your application, please note the following information and instructions:

An applicant must submit to Laboratory Field Services (LFS): 

An online application and non-refundable fee at https://accountportal.cdph.ca.gov/Default.aspx ,

College/university transcripts,

Verification of training/experience,

Board certification. 

    Each application is a separate and legal document and must be completed in full. Incomplete application packages will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant.  Allow 8-10 weeks for evaluation of application.
    • Applicants applying for Clinical Laboratory Bioanalyst and Clinical Microbiologist, the State administered examinations for licensure are conducted only in California. Out of State applicants must come to California to take the examination.  Likewise, out of the country applicants must take the examination in California. For director categories of chemistry, toxicology, histocompatibility, cytogeneticist, genetic molecular biologist and oral laboratory pathology, board certified written examinations will be accepted (please contact your board and have the board submit verification of certification directly to the Department at the address on the application).  If required, an oral exam will be scheduled in California before the license can be issued. Temporary licenses are not issued.
    • All documents must be sent directly to LFS.  Transcripts must be sent from the college or university registrar's office to LFS.  Verification of training and/or experience must be sent directly by the laboratory Director to LFS, and must match with the information provided in the application.  If you are an applicant whose education and training/experience is from a non-US college, university or clinical laboratory, please make sure that your name is printed in English on all your transcripts and supporting documents and matches your name on the application. 
    • Deadline dates for the submission of applications and documents for each of the director categories requiring a written State administered examination are strictly adhered to by the LFS personnel licensing section.  An application postmarked or submitted online after the deadline date for the written State administered exams will automatically be considered for the next immediate examination date.  Documents postmarked after the deadline date will cause deferment of an application, on a one-time basis only, to the next immediate examination cycle.  Please refer to deadline dates schedule.  There is no deadline date for the submission of applications and supporting documents for applicants requesting Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Toxicology, Clinical Histocompatibility, Clinical Cytogeneticist, Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist and Oral Laboratory Pathologist Licenses. Applications for these categories are accepted on a continuous basis.
    • Request to reschedule a written State examination, after the evaluation of the application has been completed and approved, will not be honored.  The applicant will need to be prepared to take the examination for which he/she has been scheduled.  However, an applicant who failed to appear to take a scheduled examination will not be considered a failee and is eligible to take the next immediate examination after submitting a new application and fee.  
    •  All written licensing examination questions are reviewed by clinical laboratory professionals in California.  The questions are of the multiple choice type with four choices for each question but only one correct answer.  Subject areas covered in the Clinical Laboratory Bioanalyst generalist director licensing examination are as follows: Clinical Chemistry, Immunohematology (blood banking), Hematology,  Urinalysis, Parasitology, Serology, Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Quality Assurance, Specimen Collection/Phlebotomy and California law.  About half of up to 200 examination questions are in the following three subject areas: clinical chemistry, hematology and bacteriology. There are 125 questions in the microbiologist specialist director’s license exam.  Total time allowed for the general examination is 3 1/2 hours; total amount of time allowed for the limited specialist examination is three (3) hours.  California law questions are included in the examination and will be drawn from the law excerpts of the California Business and Professions Code, California Code of Regulations and CLIA.
    • A passing score for director license categories on State administered written exams is 70% correct answers. 
    •  After successfully passing a written examination most applicants will be required to take a State administered oral examination based on the laws and regulations pertaining to the Director’s responsibilities.
    • Applicable laws and regulation may be found at: California Law, Business and Professional Code; Healing Arts; Chapter 3; Clinical Laboratory Technology. Sections 1260 and 1264; Title17 California Code of regulations (CCR) sections 1030,1030.5-1030.8

For additional information please contact LFSdirectors@cdph.ca.gov.



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