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Personnel Licensing Section

The purpose of the personnel licensing section is to ensure the administration of mandated education, training, examination, licensing/certification and competency standards for clinical laboratory personnel.

Program activities include oversight of 60,000 licensed laboratory personnel in California. There are 31 license and certification categories ranging from doctoral, master, and baccalaureate scientists and trainees, associate degree technicians, and high school graduate phlebotomists and laboratory aides.  In addition, oversight includes approvals for pathology assistants, histotechnologists, and about 600 programs, schools, and courses for the purpose of training persons for licensure or duties as defined under law. This  includes providers of continuing education programs offered to clinical laboratory personnel. Random audits of licensees are performed for compliance with continuing education. Enforcement actions are taken in regard to inappropriate activities by clinical laboratory personnel that have adverse or potentially adverse public health impact. The PLS works closely with the LFS facilities section on oversight of out-of-state laboratories performing, supervising, consulting, or directing clinical laboratory tests or examinations outside California on biological specimens originating in California.

Fees are charged to applicants to cover the costs associated with reviewing credentials, printing and mailing licenses/certificates, providing online registration, and verifying licensure and certification. About 75% of licensees are on a two-year renewal cycle. As part of the license renewal process, continuing education reporting and criminal background checks are required before a license or certificate can be renewed.

For more information visit the Clinical Personnel Licensing page.

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