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Facility Licensing


The purpose of Facility Licensing Section A is to ensure mandated standards in clinical laboratories through licensing, inspection, and proficiency testing.

Program activities include oversight of approximately 18,500 clinical laboratories in California that offer patient specimen testing for diagnosis or treatment. These laboratories include physician offices, clinics, hospitals, independent laboratories, public health laboratories, and health fairs. There are also about 600 independent laboratories outside California and 2 laboratories outside the United States performing testing on specimens from California patients. These laboratories must meet standards that are equivalent to California clinical laboratory standards.

The core responsibilities of Facility Licensing Section A include review of license and registration applications for compliance with state law, issuance of licenses and registrations, inspection of facilities to assure initial and ongoing compliance, investigation of  laboratory complaints, review and enforcement of proficiency testing standards, and enforcement of laboratory law including issuance of sanctions for non-compliance.

More information is available in the Clinical Laboratory Facility page.

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