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Blood Blank and Tissue Bank Licensure and Cytology Surveillance

The Blood Bank, Tissue Bank, and Cytology Section includes the Blood Bank program, the Tissue Bank program, and the Cytology program.

The Blood Bank program provides a fee-supported blood bank licensure and surveillance program to licensed facilities and associated sites in California. There are approximately 350 active licensed facilities and associated sites. These facilities include blood banks, plasma centers, stem cell and cord blood banks, stationary, mobile, as well as temporary collection sites, and hospital blood bank depositories. It protects donors and recipients of blood and blood bank products by assuring compliance with California’s blood bank standards, which include the American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) Standards and its updates.

The Tissue Bank program administers a fee-supported tissue bank licensure and surveillance program that provides oversight of facilities that collect, process, store, and distribute human tissue from living and deceased donors for implantation and/or transplantation into human beings. This tissue includes sperm, ova, and embryos used for fertility treatment, donor milk, stem cells derived from bone marrow, adipose, dental and umbilical cord tissue, and cadaveric tissue and its derivatives. The Tissue Bank program licenses about 850 banks located in California as well as out-of-state banks that supply tissue to California.

The Cytology program provides a cytology surveillance program for California’s 300 licensed laboratories certified in the specialty of cytotechnology. It uses the authority of California law to ensure that cytology slides are properly collected, stained, and screened for pathological detection of cancer and associated abnormalities.


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