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National Infant Immunization Week/Toddler Immunization Month

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National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) and Toddler Immunization Month (TIM) have been celebrated since 1993. They are annual observances that emphasize the need to fully immunize children age 2 and younger against 14 vaccine-preventable diseases. This year's campaign, themed "Immunizations: Stay on Track for a Lifetime of Good Health", encourages a lifetime of good health with timely vaccinations. NIIW will be celebrated the week of April 19-26, 2008 and TIM the month of May, 2008. Use the planning materials below to plan and conduct successful and exciting NIIW/TIM activities in your community. For NIIW information from the CDC, click here

NIIW/TIM 2008 California Planning Materials

NIIW/TIM 2008 Campaign Kit (Word)
Information about how to use educational materials for an outreach campaign. 

CDC'S Campaign Materials:
"Keeping the Promise" Campaign is happy to bring to you its newest resource "Hablando de Vacunas (Talking about Vaccines)", a six-episode radionovela, which promotes the importance of immunizations to parents. Each episode (4 minutes long) is a drama series designed to engage and entertain Spanish-speaking parents using drama and humor, while educating them on infant immunization.

Episode 1: The Arrival

Episode 2: The Cough

Episode 3: Carlitos Gets His Shots

Episode 4: Lupe and Rocío in the Park

Episode 5: The Barbeque

Episode 6: Jose Comes Home

Final Reports: 
All three reports below contain information about activities that took place, who participated, 
outreach efforts, media coverage, and related topics.

NIIW 2007

NIIW 2006

NIIW 2005

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