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Immunization Techniques & Injection Practice

Anatomic Sites for Immunization Poster
A one page color poster with information about locations on the body for immunization injections. The poster shows proper shot locations and needle usage for infants, children and adults.
Immunization Techniques: Safe, Effective, Caring DVD 
A hands-on instructional DVD on immunization techniques for both new staff and experienced health professionals. Copies of the video are available for free for California providers at their local health department. $35 for people who live outside of California.

Comforting Restraint Flyer - A one page color flyer with information on how to work with toddlers and young children when giving them immunization shots. Español  (Spanish)

Immunization Site Map for Infants and Toddlers
A one page black and white flyer with shot locations.

Pediatric Immunization Record and History
A two page form for recording patient vaccination information.

Pediatric Immunization Skills Checklist
A self-assessment skills form for health care professionals.

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