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The Immunization Branch’s quarterly UPDATE memorandum shares the latest medical and technical information on immunization, vaccines, and immunization programs.

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Continued Use of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine
Documents the exemption of the JE vaccine from California's recent Thimerosal law.

Vaccination Delivery by Chain Pharmacies in California
A report showing the results of a 2007 statewide survey prepared in
collaboration with USC School of Pharmacy.

Hib Vaccine Recall Information from CDC
A five page PDF file with 13 questions and answers about the situation.

County Measles Outbreak Close to Ending Officially
A March 5 news article about the San Diego situation.

Hib Vaccine Letter to Health Care Providers 2008  02/01/08
An official IZ Branch letter about the Hib vaccine shortage special immunization schedule affecting child care entry.

2008 Special Immunization Schedule 
This schedule temporarily amends Hib vaccine requirements for ages 15 months to 4 years and 6 months during a Hib shortage.


The Immunization Update Has Gone Online! - October 19
This issue's stories are about flu vaccine abundance, new Branch staff and more.

FDA Approves Age Range for Use of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine - October 18
An official FDA press release about the use of Menactra for children ages 2 to 10 years.

CDC Vaccines and Immunizations News - October 1
A collection of links to news articles from MMWR, E-Family Practice News, and Emerging Infectious Diseases which are updated every month This page includes archives for older news organized by month.

Additional Influenza Vaccine Approved for Upcoming Influenza Season - October 1
An FDA News article about the approval of Afluria for immunizing people 18 years of age and older.

Medi-Cal Update on HPV Vaccine - September 20
Billing and Policy letter from California Department of Health Services on Medi-Cal Reimbursement of HPV Vaccine for Medi-Cal eligibles.

FDA Approves Nasal Influenza Vaccine for Use in Younger Children - Sept. 19
The official press release about the use of FluMist for children ages 2 to 5.

Back to School Immunization Press Release  Español (Spanish)   August  22
An official document from Dr. Mark Horton, the Director of the Public Health Department encouraging all parents to get their children immunized.

Nation's Childhood Immunization Rates Remain at or Above Record Levels (CDC) - August 30
A press release about new estimates for childhood and adolescent immunizations.

Vaccination Coverage Among Children in Kindergarten - August 17
An MMWR article coverage data by state.

Immunization Update: August 9. 2007 Satellite Broadcast - June 11
A live CDC broadcast providing current information on the rapidly changing field of immunization.

Supply Difficulties Expected with MMRV - May 11
An announcement from AAP about the projected lack of ProQuad vaccine.

CDC Advisory: Influenza-Associated Pediatric Mortality and the Increase
of Staphylococcus aureus co-infection
- May 9
CDC is requesting that states report all cases of influenza-related pediatric mortality from the 2006-2007 influenza season.

ACIP Recommendations for Quadravalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine - March 23
A report on the epidemiology of HPV and associated diseases, which describes the licensed HPV vaccine, and provides recommendations for its use for vaccination among females aged 9--26 years in the United States.

FDA Public Health Notification: Information on RotaTeq and Intussusception - February 13
Status information on the vaccine and reports of possible contraindications.

CDPH Letter to All Physicians about Flu Vaccine Ordering for Flu Season 2007-08 - January 3
Information about vaccine pre-booking and which vaccines meet California's mercury law limit.

Hospital Influenza Vaccination Laws and Standards 2007 - January 1
Text of SB739 regarding influenza vaccination for health care workers in hospitals.


MMWR: Return to The Routine Recommendations for MCV4 as the Supply Situation has Improved - November 6
The MMWR for Friday, November 3 announces the return to the routine recommendations for MCV4 as the supply situation has improved.  CDC recommends resuming routine vaccination for all recommended groups according to ACIP recommendations, including children aged 11--12 years and, if not previously vaccinated with MCV4, of adolescents at high-school entry (at approximately age 15 years), of college freshmen living in dormitories, and of other persons at increased risk for meningococcal disease. Where possible, providers who deferred vaccination of children aged 11-12 years should recall those patients for vaccination.

CHHS Secretary Issues Statement On Availability Of Mercury-Free Flu Vaccine - November 2
Kim Belshe's official statement on the use of influenza vaccine containing mercury for children under age 3 during a period when mercury-free vaccine is depleted.

ACIP Issues Guidelines of the Use of RotaTeq®  - August 11
ACIP recommends routine vaccination of U.S. infants with three doses of this rotavirus vaccine at ages 2, 4, and 6 months.

CDC’s Advisory Committee Recommends Human Papillomavirus Virus Vaccination - June 29
ACIP recommends that HPV vaccine be routinely given to girls when they are 11–12 years old and allows for vaccination of girls beginning at 9 years old as well as vaccination of girls and women 13–26 years old.

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