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After Your Baby is Born

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After your baby is born... 

"I got my Tdap shot after my nephew was born. I want to always be there for ihm and getting my whooping cough shot was something I could do to keep him healthy."

- Rebeca, auntie of 1-year-old boy

Get Caught Up

After you give birth, get any immunizations you may have missed. Some shots are even given in the hospital before you leave.

Stop Flu and Whooping Cough

Babies can get very sick from the fluOpens in a new window and whooping cough (pertussis)Opens in a new window, but are too young to be immunized.

To protect your new baby, flu and whooping cough shots are needed for anyone who:

  • lives with your baby, or
  • takes care of your baby.

Prevent Germs from Spreading

Remind people who are around your baby to:

  • wash their hands often
  • stay away when they are sick, and
  • cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze.

Routine Baby Shots

Your baby will need routine baby shotsOpens in a new window, too.

Good News!

Getting shots while you are breastfeeding is safe for you and your baby. Get up-to-date on the shots you need for healthy pregnancy and baby. 

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