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Infectious Diseases Branch (IDB)

The Infectious Diseases Branch (IDB) conducts investigation, surveillance, prevention, and control of general communicable diseases of public health importance that are not covered by the specific programs of the Immunization Branch, the Tuberculosis Control Branch, the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Branch, and the Office of HIV/AIDS.  IDB implements its program through its four Sections: Disease Investigations Section, Surveillance and Statistics Section, Vector-Borne Disease Section, and Veterinary Public Health Section.  Diseases followed by IDB include foodborne, waterborne, vector-borne, zoonotic, and emerging infectious diseases.

IDB provides:

  • consultation and assistance to local health jurisdictions in the control and prevention of communicable diseases and outbreaks;
  • collection, coordination, and tabulation of surveillance data of over 60 infectious diseases;
  • investigations of local, regional, statewide, or multistate outbreaks;
  • information on infectious diseases to the California Department of Public Health, local health jurisdictions, the medical community, and the public through emails, press releases by the Office of Public Affairs, postings of pamphlets and fact sheets on the IDB webpage, and publications in medical journals; and 
  • recommendations, guidelines, policies, and regulations on communicable disease prevention and control.
Program Information
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