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Worksite Program California Fit Business Kit 

Welcome to the California Fit Business Kit! The Worksite Program developed this suite of tools and resources to help employers develop and implement a workplace culture and environment that support healthy eating and physical activity among workers. This Kit contains 13 individual components, all of which have been evaluated by a diverse mix of businesses from across the state and have been designed to be easily implemented at any worksite. These tools can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive worksite wellness program. Most importantly, the tools can assist employers and employees who are interested in combating declining employee health and ever-increasing health care costs. The Kit includes:

Check for Health | Starting a Wellness CommitteeHealthy Meetings | Healthy Dining Menu Guidelines | Go For H2O | Farm Fresh Produce Delivery  |  Healthy Vending MachinesStarting a Farmers’ Market | Creating A Breastfeeding-Friendly WorksitePhysical Activity IntegrationPhysical Activity Clubs | Improving StairwellsTake Action! | Resources

As California and the nation face unprecedented increases in adult obesity and associated costs,making half their plate fruits and vegetables and enjoying at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day will help employees manage their weight and protect them from a number of chronic diseases related to lifestyle.

How healthy is your workforce? Are you doing all you can to help employees keep their medical costs down? It is important to provide an environment where employees can put healthy habits into practice!


Check for Health

Check for Health is an easy-to-use tool to assess your worksite and demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ health. Check for Health will assist you in evaluating the culture of health in your organization and how well that culture supports employees’ healthy eating and physical activity habits.

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    Wellness Committee

    A wellness committee is simply a group of employees that come together to steer the direction of a worksite wellness program. Studies have shown that having a wellness committee creates a more successful and more sustainable worksite wellness program.

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    Healthy Meetings

    Having healthy meeting policies can help you offer healthy foods and physical activity breaks to accommodate the needs of all your employees. By offering these healthy choices at workplace meetings, gatherings and events, you will be encouraging vitality and productivity while supporting workers’ interests in healthy eating and physical activity.

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    Healthy Dining Menu Guidelines

    All too often, cafeteria food claims the prize for high fat, high calories, and low nutrients. With obesity rates climbing and heart disease claiming so many lives, it is more important than ever that employees have access to heart healthy food choices. In order to increase employee access to healthy and tasty food options at work, the Worksite Program encourages employers to implement healthy dining menu standards at their onsite cafeterias or dining facilities. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste, color, and profitability of healthy menu options. 

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    Go for H2O

    Dehydration occurs when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can make employees feel tired and not want to work. People working outdoors and in the heat need to take great care to stay hydrated. People working indoors with little activity need reminders to drink water instread of sugary drinks. This tool will give employees tips and ideas on how to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  

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    Farm Fresh Produce Delivery

    California is the agricultural hub of the United States, yet many California adults do not eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Increased fruit and vegetable consumption among employees improves energy levels and productivity, a fact that can translate into improved employee morale and decreased health care costs. This easy-to-use guide offers information on how to order fresh produce from local farmers for delivery to your worksite. 

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    Healthy Vending Machines

    Vending machines offer employees mid-morning snacks or that late afternoon pick-me-up. Unfortunately, they also fill the role of answering a nagging sweet tooth. The food and beverage options that are typically found in vending machines are high in calories, sugar, and fat. In order to increase employee access to healthy food and beverage options at work, the Worksite Program encourages employers to implement healthy food and beverage standards in their onsite vending machines. By replacing some of the items currently in your vending machines with healthier options, you’ll empower your employees to choose snacks that are not only good for them, but give them that boost of energy they need to get through the day.

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    Starting a Farmers' Market

    Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet is an important step toward enjoying a healthy and productive life. Not only are fruits and vegetables delicious, but they provide a cost effective way to supply powerful nutrients that help you fight disease. Farmers’ markets are a great way of bringing farm fresh produce to your worksite and surrounding community. This tool shows you how to set-up and maintain a farmers’ market at or near your workplace so that you and your employees can conveniently shop for fresh fruits and vegetable every week. If healthy, productive employees are a priority for your organization, be sure to read this tool!

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    Creating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Worksite 

    Research shows: breastfeeding mothers and their babies are healthier and parents miss fewer days of work because their babies are sick less often. Breastfeeding accomodations is also the law. California state law says employers must provide a private space that is not a bathroom for a mother to pump her milk - and that they also must offer time to do so. This tool will help your worksite comply with the law and support new mothers.

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    Physical Activity Integration

    Many of us work physically demanding jobs. Whether on a farm or in a hotel, your body is working hard. Sprains, strains, and back injuries sometimes happen. Stretching or warming up may help reduce injuries. And although workers may be active on the job, it might not be enough for good health. Finding ways to bring physical activity into the work day can help workers be fit and reduce the risk of injury.

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    Physical Activity Clubs

    As technology advances, so does the sedentary and anti-social nature of our workforce, which brings about decreased productivity and job satisfaction. Participating in a worksite physical activity club is a great way to counterbalance these negative effects. This guide gives you the steps you need to create a successful and sustainable physical activity club at your worksite and help re-energize your employees. 

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    Improving Worksite Stairwells

    Physical inactivity is a costly problem that contributes to the poor health of Californians. Stairwells are an inexpensive and effective way to add physical activity into your daily routine. This resource will provide you with the information you need to motivate and encourage all of your employees to take advantage of the health benefits that stairwells provide.

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    Take Action!

    The Take Action! Employee Wellness Program is a free, 10-week, web-based program that encourages employees to set individual fruit and vegetable and physical activity goals, and to work in teams to meet or exceed their goals. The program also provides easy ways for employers to support the goals of their staff. The concept of Take Action! is based upon a worksite physical activity program that was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most recently, Take Action! received a prestigious award for its innovative web-based approach. Are you ready to Take Action!? Visit www.takeactionca.cdph.ca.gov

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    Sample policies, printable handouts, more great information

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