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Rethink Your Drink Campaign - Curriculum

The Rethink Your Drink Campaign has approved lessons for use with audiences of various age levels. For questions or more information on Rethink Your Drink curriculum and resources, please contact the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch at (916) 449-5400.


Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum

Audience: Grades K-5

From USDA’s Team Nutrition, this nutrition lesson series covers a variety of nutrition information. Most relevant to the Rethink Your Drink Campaign is Lesson Three in each level. Each lesson includes handout activities and curriculum notes for teachers.

Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum

Yummy Curriculum - Lesson 3 in Levels 1, 2, and 3 (ZIP, 13.3MB)Opens in a new window.


Choosing Healthy Beverages: Rethink Your Drink Lesson

Audience: adults, older youth

This one-hour, interactive lesson focuses on defining healthy beverages, reading nutrition facts labels, and finding different types of sugar in the ingredients list on products.

Training Presentation for Rethink Your Drink Lesson (PPTX, 8MB) Opens a new window
This training session was presented at the 2014 February Forum. After this training, participants should be able to: 1) Train others on the Rethink Your Drink Campaign; 2) Implement a Rethink Your Drink lesson; and 3) Answer participant questions on beverages. Training slides (slides without green top border) can be removed in order to use the PowerPoint presentation when leading the Rethink Your Drink lesson.

Choosing Healthy Beverages: Rethink Your Drink Lesson (PDF)Opens in a new window.Eng | Spa
This lesson includes a materials list, instructor notes, script, and FAQ on beverages.

Lesson Handouts:

Beverages: Make Every Sip Count Opens in a new window.Eng/Spa (PDF, 1.59MB) | Eng/Vie (PDF, 1.75MB)

Calculating How Much Sugar (PDF)Opens in a new window.Eng | Spa

Show Me the Sugar (PDF)Open a new windowEng | Spa

Nutrition Facts Scavenger Hunt (PDF)Opens in a new window.Eng | Spa

How Much Sugar? (PDF)Opens in a new windowEng | Spa

Drink Label CardsOpens in a new windowEng (PDF, 2.91MB)  | Spa (PDF, 3.2MB)


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Cover of Rethink Your Drink High School LessonsRethink Your Drink High School Lessons

Audience: High school-aged youth

The Rethink Your Drink High School Lessons are designed for teachers who work with high school-aged youth to help them learn essential nutrition concepts and develop the skills necessary to improve, sustain, and promote personal, family, and community health. Students then refine and enhance these skills through observation, practice, and application to real-life situations.

Based on the essential nutrition concepts and skills outlined in the California Health Education Content Standards and the California Nutrition Education Competencies, the lessons incorporate nutrition and physical activity recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture’s and Department of Health and Human Services’ Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 and the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines. These guidelines emphasize the importance of balancing caloric intake with physical activity. One significant recommendation includes limiting caloric intake from soda, energy, and sports drinks—a major source of added sugar and calories in the American diet.

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Lesson One: What's In Your Drink?
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Lesson Two: Think Before You Drink!
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Lesson Three: Empower Yourself - Choose Healthy Drinks
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