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How to Participate

The Power Play! Campaign works with qualifying schools, community youth organizations, farmers’ markets, supermarkets, restaurants/food service operations, the media, and other community organizations and individuals concerned with children’s health.
These are just some of the ways Power Play! Campaign partners can help improve the health of children in their communities:

  • Schools: Conduct activities from the fourth- or fifth-grade version of the School Idea & Resource Kit; promote fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria; disperse information to parents; and organize taste testings, guest speakers, field trips, and other interactive school-centered events. Schools also may wish to use the Harvest of the Month tool kit.

  • Community Youth Organizations (CYOs): Use the Community Youth Organization Idea & Resource Kit with after-school, weekend and summer programs; organize fruit & vegetable oriented field trips and taste testings; disperse information to parents; and serve healthy fruits and vegetables with meals and snacks.

  • Farmers' Markets: Use ideas from the Idea & Resource Kits (see above); conduct special fruit and vegetable games and contests for kids; provide take-home materials for kids and parents; conduct cooking demonstrations, taste tests, and market tours; offer farmers and market managers as guest speakers for schools and youth groups; provide fruit and vegetable donations to schools/youth groups; accept WIC coupons and EBT cards at your market to help low-income families purchase fruits and vegetables; and join forces with other Power Play! Campaign partners to encourage more low-income families to visit the farmers’ market.

  • Supermarkets: Participate in the Retail Program’s merchandising and promotional activities; offer produce-focused tours, guest speakers, and fruit and vegetable donations to schools and youth groups; conduct contests for children, with nutrition and physical activity-oriented themes and prizes; and host food demos featuring kid-friendly fruit and vegetable recipes.

  • Food Services/Restaurants: Offer fruit and vegetable focused tours, guest speakers, and fruit and vegetable donations to schools and youth organizations; offer a selection of healthy, affordable fruits and vegetables on your children’s and adult menus; and conduct contests and giveaways focused on fruits and vegetables and physical activity.

  • Media: Air Champions for Change public service announcements on television and radio stations; publicize Power Play! Campaign activities; bring the issues of childhood overweight, nutrition, and physical activity to your viewers, readers, and listeners on a regular basis.
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